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When you are failed to patch your wall easily with some spackle, then it’s time to call Wall Repair Contractor near you to help.

Main reasons of Wall Problems (Rotating, Leaning, Bulging, Bowing)

In order to find solving problems for your bowing or leaning foundation walls, you must first determine the main causes. This will help you to decide which repair methods are the best solution and how to prevent the problems or causes from occurring again in the future. The more you determine the causes of rotating or bowing walls, the easier you will be able to spot them and contact a wall repair contractor or wall repair expert to remedy the situation.

The most common reason of bulging, bowing or leaning foundation walls is extra pressure from the ground around the foundation. When there is excess groundwater than its normal in the soil around the foundation, the hydrostatic pressure in the soil will increase. This type of pressure in the soil pushes against the foundation is main factor to shift it, and usually causing the basement walls to bow or lean towards the inside. When the walls bulge or lean towards inside like this, they are likely to develop cracks, as a result water seepage and further structural damage. Once your foundation walls begin to lean or bow towards inside, they will continue to aggravate over time, or until they are being repaired.

Moisture problems, old age, vegetation, or foundation failure may be the main causes of the bowing of the above ground walls in your home. When your foundation starts to shift or settle due to moisture in the soil or some other factors, it can put excess pressure on the above walls, causing them to lean or bow. Roots from shrubs or large trees can do the same thing or can be reason to the foundation, leading to leaning or bulging walls. Another most common reason of this problem is deterioration due to age of wall; eventually, the foundation of your home will become more penetrable to water damage due to the crack of the waterproof coating. This can lead to a variety of issues, including leaning or bowing the walls.

Wall rotation also may be caused in a similar manner by excessive moisture in the soil. When this soil problems the foundation to settle or shift, it forces extra pressure on the structure built on the foundation. One of the results of this type of pressure can be the pulling or rotation from door jams and trims of the walls. These types of problems are often too subtle for the homeowners to identify right away.

If you have any types of problems like rotating, leaning, or bowing walls in your home, here you can find expert wall repair contractors near you to determine a solution immediately. We help you to connect wall repair companies and contractors in your area to help. 

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